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Personal Sexperience Pt. IV [P.S 4]

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and I apologize for that. But what could be a better way to come back to the blog than to do a Personal Sexperience?! I know for some of you the Personal Sexperience entries are the most interesting so I will no longer keep you waiting. In this P.S I’ll be covering “Sexitions Pt. III, Kama Sutra Positions” & “Sexitions Pt. IV, Tantric Sex Positions”. Also since both of these posts have such a high number of different positions I’ll mostly be covering them as a generalization instead of going in depth about each position.

Kama Sutra Positions –

First let’s start with a little background on this. When I was in high school, I was just as much of a sexual person as I am now, so as a gag gift I received the Kama Sutra. Little did my friends know that they were in the midst of creating a monster. After receiving the “gift” I admit to neglecting the book under my bed for some time, until one very memorable day. I was in a pretty steady relationship at the time and had decided to give my then bf a really “special” gift for his birthday. I studied that book like a 4.0 student studies before the SATs. And when time came to put my new knowledge to use, I can proudly say I passed the exam with flying colors.

Most people think that the kama sutra is basically the “Guide to Freakyness 101”. But I beg you to change your opinion. Yes you do need to be somewhat more sexually open to consider trying some of the things in the Kama Sutra, however it isn’t about being dirty, freaky, naughty. The Kama Sutra is about a connection to your partner in such an intense way that the pleasure is heightened to an insurmountable effect. So if you’re planning to venture out to your nearest book store to purchase the Kama Sutra keep in mind that you will not be able to achieve the effects explained with just any partner. The level of trust needs, let me say that again, NEEDS to be there. Don’t get me wrong there are many, many things you can do with your casual encounters that can feel amazing. But the Kama Sutra is not one of them.

Tantric Sex –

The background story on my introduction into the tantric sex world was a lot different. As some of you know I am blessed with being double jointed. With that said I was somewhat dared into diving into tantric sex. My sexual partner at the time wanted to test the limits of my flexibility, & with that started a whole new adventure for me.

Tantric sex is a lot about controlled movements. It’s very rhythmic & takes thought process. There’s no jack-rabbiting the ladies here fellas, sorry. Now I’m sure some of you are thinking, shit…I have to think about it? But I do guarantee it will be worth it if you put forth your greatest effort. Turn it into a game and then the thinking won’t seem so mundane. A game such as let’s see how these thrusts make her sound…2 deep thrusts long breathless moans…8 shallow thrusts & she’s calling out your name. I promise there is no need to be afraid of putting a little more thought into your sex.

Hopefully you all have learned a bit more about me & my sexuality through this P.S. Also I hope that I haven’t given any of you the wrong idea about me, or have offended you. But there you have it, my personal sexperience on  “Sexitions Pt. III, Kama Sutra Positions” & “Sexitions Pt. IV, Tantric Sex Positions”. I hope that hearing my experience has inspired you to try some new things out on your own. Just remember to always have fun with it & be safe.

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Personal Sexperience Pt. III [P.S 3]

Yay, time for a indulgence into more of my personal sexperience. It’s been a few months since I’ve opened up my closet to reveal the dirty little skeletons that lay below, so bare with me. So, here in P.S 3 I’ll be going over the topics covered in “Sexitions Pt. I, Basic Sex Positions”, & “Sexitions Pt. II, Advanced Sex Positions”. So without further ado here we go…

Sexitions Pt. I, Basic Sex Positions –

Missionary, the good ol’ go to. There’s not too much to really say about the missionary position except that most of my sexual encounters involve it in some way or another. It’s basically the America’s Sweetheart of sexitions. Everyone who has sex has done it, & hopefully enjoyed it. I do have to say though, that with missionary the best eye contact is achieved…that whole “connection” thing it’s great sometimes, isn’t it?

69, is only good if your partner is as into giving as they are into receiving.  It’s the most fun when you turn it into a competition of who can make who climax first, but hey that’s just me and my competitive nature. Enjoy it how you see fit.

Doggy, this is my personal favorite. I’m not sure if it’s that it leaves the option for hair pulling so accessible, or if the depth of penetration is just right but this definitely my number 1. Side tip though, if having sex on a carpeted floor throw something under your knees, rug burn is not the best memory to wake up with the next day.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl, giddy up giddy up giddy up yeah? Haha, well ladies we can’t let them do all the work now can we? These positions are neither here nor there for me, but they get the job done if necessary. May I suggest placing your legs in different positions though, they achieve different sensations, & some give you more stability to be able to move more efficiently. I tend to only desire these positions when in a location such as a car but hey that’s just me.

Homosexual female positions, I won’t go through and name them individually but I can honestly say I have yet to find one that I haven’t enjoyed. And out of the 7 positions that I listed my favorite would be the “first taste” position. What can I say, I like myself a pillow princess.

Homosexual male positions, sorry readers I cannot say much about these positions. If it were anatomically possible I wouldn’t object to going out there are giving it a go for. But I am lacking in some vital equipment. Hey, maybe some of my beloved gay boys out there can give me some feedback about the positions & I can share it with all of you.

Sexitions Pt. II, Advanced Sex Positions –

Froggy, let me just say now, STOP thinking leap frog! The dynamics of this position are totally different. Now if your legs are somewhat stiff I wouldn’t suggest this for you, or if your partner has an aversion to feet. Because I can guarantee that your feet will be very, very close to their face. It takes a few moments to situate yourself into a comfortable stance, but once achieved it’s totally worth it.

Kneeling Pretzel, get on the floor! I’m telling you now, the bed is no good for this position, it’s too soft and you’ll end up falling at one point or another, which is definitely a turn off! This position is also not an “all-nighter” kind of deal, you’ll surely want to at least switch your legs around at some point, but hey changing positions during sex is half the fun right?

Upside Down Squat, this is going to get a little “TMI”. If your partner’s penis is particularly curved, this position isn’t for you. Because of the need to need a basically upright erection so that you don’t have constant “slipping out” a curved wang isn’t for the job. Side Tip, use your partners raised legs for leverage, it’s a major help.

Winged Eros…stretch before trying to conquer this position! It is highly likely that you will start to cramp up if you don’t. Another thing to keep in mind is height, I’ve come to find this works better with someone of equal height in comparison to someone taller or shorter. I think it may have to do with the positioning of my arms or something? I’m not sure to be honest, but it has worked out better with people closer to my height. Also this position is not for someone you aren’t comfortable with, it’s a position where you have to be able to tell your partner whether or not it’s working for you, because the thrusting is somewhat difficult to achieve. So if you aren’t on that level with your partner yet, either get there quick or put this one up on a shelf for later use.

Piledriver, fun but whether or not it’s worth it is up for question. I’ve found that if you do this for a long time your neck starts to hurt, & you can even start to feel dizzy because all the blood is rushing to your head. This is another one of those positions where a curved penis isn’t going to work out well. Try using one of those airplane neck pillows, it might help a little bit. Crap now people are going to see my airplane pillow & thing I’m using it for bad things haha.

Reverse Piledriver, the guys tend to like this one a bit more, especially if they have a thing for booties. This gives them a really really good view. Now ladies, don’t go out there & try some handstands to achieve this position just have your partner sit, then straddle…then have him lift you into the upright, upside-down position, believe me it’s much faster & so much easier. Also be sure to be aware of your breathing, since the blood is already rushing to your head causing lightheadedness it’s a lot easier to pass out than you would think.

Criss-Cross, not my favorite at all. This is because there’s a lot of foot action going on here. Your feet are near his face, his are near yours…and I get really really distracted by feet. But if you can get past the feet thing this position is fun to say the very least.

Ben Dover, mmm my #2 position. Only because it’s basically doggy but you’re standing. If you can’t hang with deep penetration this position is not for you. But for a lot of us out there that like to push the limits the deeper the better right? Hey sometimes that “it feels like it’s in my stomach” feeling is nice. It means your partner is going all out, so be appreciative. For me this is one of the positions where its better that they are your height because then your pelvic regions are relatively in the same place, so he doesn’s have to bend at the knees or stand on a stool. Side Tip: Hold your ankles when bent straight over, if you aren’t flexible enough to do so, then you can lean forward somewhat. But I still think holding your ankles is the best, it gives a more intense feeling.

Up Against the Wall, make love in this club? I’ve only done this position in public places, restaurants, clubs, school bathrooms ect. It’s like those over excited hugs you see in the movies where you jump into their arms and wrap your legs around them, only this version is much, much better. Be sure that your partner has upper body strength because he will be supporting your weight the entire time.

Brace it, I don’t know how much I really like this position. It makes me think of what it would be like to be arrested, you’re turned around and up against a wall, bracing yourself for penetration. But hey I guess it would be good for a session of roleplay where you’re the bad bad criminal & he’s your arresting officer.

Kneeling Doggy, it’s a version of doggy style so you should already know I love it. I’ve found that holding on to the back of their neck helps keep your balance. Also it makes them want to grab onto your neck, now for some of you the whole choking factor might not be attractive, but this is about me right? And as to choking it earns an A+ in my book.

Recliner, I actually discovered this position on accident. In volleyball we do this exercise where you squat against the wall to build up leg muscle. Well the person I was dating at the time thought we would sexercise that night instead of letting me just workout haha. But it is fun as long as you have the leg muscle to keep the momentum going. Fight through the burn I promise you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Standing Recliner, this is a little difficult. you have to find the right surface to stand on so that you are raised high enough over your partner so that when you squat down you achieve penetration. Beds & couches suck because they’re really squishy, I have found that the footing of a vehicle works nicely, but if you aren’t into outdoor sex that might not work for you.

Rainbow Arch, it’s something that will make you laugh as you attempt to get into position. But as soon as you achieve it you’ll be so fascinated that you can control your partner’s thrust that all humor will be replaced with ecstasy. And hey if you can’t laugh at yourselves a but during sex, then you really shouldn’t be having sex anyways.

So there you have it Sexitions Pt. I & II, I’ve covered the basics & some of the not so basic. Later on I’ll go into Sexitions Pt. III & IV. Now I’m sure some of you are reading this going how the hell did anyone talk this girl into doing some of these things. Well I’m one of those people who are willing to at least try anything once. But my personal philosophy is that you should try things twice, because once is never enough to know whether or not you like something. Also please keep an open mind, just because I’ve tried a lot of things out there doesn’t mean I’m a “freak” or a “nymph” so please don’t ask if I am. I don’t label myself, especially with those words. All I can truly say is that I’ve been fortunate in life to be able to try things & enjoy some or learn from the things that I didn’t enjoy. By no means should you base your judgments on my “sexperiences” go out there and make your own decisions, just be safe & have fun with it.

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Sexitions Pt. IV, Tantric Sex Positions

I know it’s been 3 posts, and this post should be a Personal Sexperience entry, but I didn’t feel like I was done with the sexitions topic. So this entry will be about tantric sex. The practice heightening sexual sensations through focused energies. Tantric sex is derived from the Asian body of belief, Tantra. Welcoming in the universal energy. Positions include but are not limited to, Foot Moving Posture, Ground Pressing Posture, Mounted Yantra Technique, One-leg-up Posture, Pleasure Evoking Posture, Swing Rocking Posture, Tantric Tortoise Posture, Variegated Sex Posture, Cranes-with-joined-necks Position, Fluttering-Phoenix Position, Monkey’s Attack Position, Mounting Tortoise Position, Overlapping-fish-scales Position, Rabbit-sucking-hair Position, Splitting-the-cicada Position, Tiger’s Tread Position, & Turning-dragon Position.

Foot moving posture – In this position the female leans back and the male places the soles of the female’s feet on his torso, near his naval or somewhere in the central region of his body. He then can move her feet up and down against him, which will cause them to rock backward and forward. During this keep his arms intertwined with his.

Ground pressing posture – In this position the male places the female’s ass on the floor and holds on to  her waist. The female then pulls the male over the top of her body, and holds on to  the back of his head with both hands. The male should thrust into her forcefully.

Mounted yantra technique – In this sex technique, the female lays on her back while the should places her legs on his shoulders. Teasing should be involved by creating a lapse of time between penetrations and allowing the penis to fully come out of the vagina before re-penetrating. This will cause a heightened sense of pleasure.

One-leg-up posture – In this position, the male places the female’s right leg on his left shoulder and keeps it there. The female then brings her left leg down to the male’s upper thigh. As the female grinds and thrusts into the male, this position causes such a sense of ecstasy that all physical and physiological issues disappear.

Pleasure evoking posture – In this sex position, the female squats down on to the male’s lap and grabs on to his shoulders or behind his neck for support. The male then places his arms around her waist, and pulls her closer to him to penetrate her.

Swing rocking posture – In this position, the female squats down on to the male’s lap and grabs on to his shoulders or behind his neck. The male then places his arms around her waist, and pulls her closer to him to penetrate her. So far there are no difference from the pleasure evoking posture but, then both partners lean back and use their weight to create a rocking motion, rocking back and forth like a swing.

Tantric tortoise posture – In this position, starting from one leg up position, the female should have her feet placed together in the middle of his chest. The male then presses the female’s knees, into her with his arms all while control his breathing.

Variegated sex posture – In this position, the female faces away from the male and raises her legs to be penetrated from behind. The male places his chest next to her back. During intercourse the female should rub her body against the male’s from the tip of her fingers to the tips of her toes, this heightens the sensuality of intimacy.

Cranes-with-joined-necks – In this position, the male is sitting. The female then sits on his lap facing him and spreads her legs apart. She then holds on to his neck with her arms while he penetrates her. The male can help control thrusting placing his hands under her ass and somewhat lifting her. The male should try to control his ejaculation while the female works towards climaxing. Once the female reaches her climax ride it out, letting the orgasm fully release. When the female is completely satisfied, she and the male should rest together, with minimal movement.

Fluttering-Phoenix Position – In this position,  the female lies on her back and raises her legs. The male then kneels between her thighs supporting himself by resting his hands on the bed. He inserts his penis deeply penetrating into her innermost and moving vigorously. Moving his body in sync with hers, he should thrust three shallow penetrations with eight deep ones, pressing himself firmly against her the entire time.

Monkey’s Attack Position – In this position, the female lies on her back and raises up her buttocks and lower back. The male draws up her legs until her knees touch breasts. After penetration, he should move rhythmically until her breathing becomes deep and rhythmic. The male should forcefully place the woman in this posture as if angry with her.

Mounting Tortoise Position – In this position, the female lies on her back and raises her knees with help from the male who raises them up to her breasts. The male should then penetrate, alternating deep thrusts with shallow ones, he should aim for her g-spot which will be upwards and slightly to the right. This position encourages the female to thrust in sync with the male, who should be penetrating deeply.

Overlapping-fish-scales Position – In this position, the male lies on his back and the female sits on top of him with her legs stretched out in front of her. The man gently penetrates her and then stops. He should continue to slightly aid with thrusting however most should be done by the female.

Rabbit-sucking-hair Position In this position, the male lies on his back with both legs stretched out. The female then straddles him, with her knees outside the male’s legs, & have her back turned away from him, facing his feet. She achieve penetration & commence vigorous thrusting.

Splitting-the-cicada Position – In this position, the female lies flat on her stomach with her body stretched out. The male lays on top of her, spreading the butt cheeks to achieve penetration. After achieving penetration he should thrust six shallow strokes with nine deep ones.

Tiger’s Tread Position – In this position, the female gets down on her hands and knees with her butt raised and her head down. The male kneels behind her and holding her waist for support. Deep penetration is vital to this position once achieved, the male should then thrust five shallow strokes with eight deep ones.

Turning-dragon Position – In this position, the female lies on her back with the male laying on top of her, he should rest his keens on the bed. The female should raise up her pelvis to allow for penetration. The male should then begin thrusts alternating from 2 deep penetrations to 8 shallow ones. All the while caressing the female’s upper body.

There is honestly nothing to fear with tantric positions, especially if you are open to new things. But the most important fact to remember with tantra is that it is a connection…a unity of the 2 individuals. This is not something that can really be achieved with a fling. With that in mind, feel liberated enough to bring this up with a significant other, there’s no shame in wanting to try something new. And yes a lot of tantric positions sound similar to “normal” positions such as missionary or doggy. But the key difference is the connection…without the connection tantra is lost. So now that you’ve seen all I have to say about the many, many positions out there, I honestly don’t know what you’re still doing sitting there reading this…get to it, go out there & try it out. As always take the necessary protections & precautions into account, & have fun.

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Sexitions Pt. III, Kama Sutra Positions

And may the mighty myths be conquered. By covering some of the Kama Sutra positions, hopefully I can inspire some of you to go out there and try them. They are not necessarily the Olympics of sex, there is no reason to afraid of them. With the right amount of determination and perseverance, nothing is impossible, even in the sex world.

Kama Sutra -The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text, that covers sexuality and sexual behavior, not to mention sexual advice. The positions I’m going to cover from the Kama Sutra are Penetrating the Eye, Climbing Tree, Penetration with Deep Backward Movement, The Gazelle & The Stallion, The Pivot, The Blow of the Bull, Seesawing, Buttering, The Concealed Door, The Caress of the Bud, The Seesaw, The Closed & Open Ring, The Ripe Mango Plum, The Door Ajar, Face to Face, Driving the Nail Home, Massage & Sucking on the Mast, Frontal Pincers, Riding the Horse, Open Pincers, & Blows of the Planting Pin.

Penetrating the Eye, This is basically an upright doggy position. Both male and female are on their knees and the male penetrates her from behind. This position is optimal for anal but also works for vaginal penetration. It also allows for ease of clitoral stimulation from the male, the only real job for the female in this situation is to enjoy fornication.

Climbing Tree,  hopefully you remember doing this as a child. Just as in climbing an actual tree, the female raises one or both legs up on to the male, and both partners are upright. The branch used for support in this case would be the penis. If raising both legs the male needs to hold on to the female to support her weight. Thrusting is accomplished by the male. This position is much easier if both partners are around the same height.

Penetration with Deep Backward Movement, sounds intriguing but be warned it’s not as easy as it sounds. The male forms a sort of table-like position on his hand and feet, facing upwards. The female then interlaces one of her legs between the male’s and supports her other leg on the male’s chest. While the male controls the thrusting the female can position herself in a few different angles to accommodate different sensations. Both partner’s need to to have a significant amount of strength in their arms and legs.

The Gazelle & The Stallion, sounds a little animal planet-ish but it’s fun don’t worry. The male lifts the female so that he is in an upright position and the female is wrapped around him. The female then leans back until her head is touching the ground, she can then use the males arms or wrists to hold on to. After reaching this position the female can release her legs from around the male to allow for harder thrusting.  If the height difference is too much, the male can position himself on his knees instead of in an upright stance. When in a kneeling position instead of having the female hold on to the male’s wrists, the male can hold on to the female’s waist to support her.

The Pivot, we’re stepping into dance terms now, watch out, ha. In the pivot the couple goes from a cowgirl sex position to a reverse cowgirl or sitting doggy position, depending on how the male moves his legs. The reason this is called a pivot is because the penis is never removed fromt he vagina in this change of positions. This rotation around the penis helps insure that penetration is never broken. And in that sense it is also like dance think of this as a transition to the next part of the performance.

The Blow of the Bull, and though it sounds like it, this is not in relation to oral sex. In this position it is approached like the standard missionary position but then instead of penetrating from directly on top of the female, the male lays to her side and enters her from an angle. Different placements of the female’s legs will cause different sensations.

Seesawing, time to hit the sexual playgrounds kids. This position is very similar to the sitting doggy, Only the female sits in closer proximity to the male than if she would in a sitting doggy. This is to allow shorter shallower thrusts from the male. However either partner can control the thrusting hence the term seesawing.

Buttering, no food produce is necessary. To start off the female gets into the doggy position, on her hands and knees. The male then takes a sort of push-up stance over the top of her back balancing on his hands and feet. If desired the male can angle his torso slightly and balance on just one arm, however this requires more upper body strength.

The Concealed Door, it sounds more mystical then it actually is. This basically a reverse missionary or a laid out doggy position. The female lays on her stomach, and the male lays on top of her entering from behind. The female can either bend her legs upward which allows for easier penetration or she can lay her legs out straight which will cause the opening to be tighter.

The Caress of the Bud, it feels just as sexy as it sounds, promise. Both partner’s lay on their stomachs, facing away from each other. They then hold on to each other’s ankles for leverage. The male might need to be on an angle for initial penetration, but can return to laying straight down afterward. Thrusting is accomplished easiest by the male.

The Seesaw, and yes it is different from the seesawing position. In an upright seesaw the male lifts the female and penetrates her. He then rises one leg on to an elevated level, allowing the female to rest on this leg. The female can then hold on to the male’s arms, to support herself while the male thrusts. The female can also wrap her legs around the male to intensify the feeling. Another form on the seesaw would be to have the male lift the female as in the first form. After penetrating her the female leans back to touch her head to the floor, placing one leg between the male’s legs and the other at his side. The male then holds onto the female’s ass for support and to accommodate thrusting. Another variation of this position is to have the male sit in a chair and have the female straddle him, then lean back, while having their legs intertwined.

The Closed & Open Ring, no it’s not a circle, I swear. This is very similar to the doggy position, in fact I recommend starting out in this position. The female then leans forward until she is practically face down. The male can either lean back on his arms or lay straight down. Thrusting is accomplished by the male making small pelvic movements.

The Ripe Mango Plum, yummy! To be simplistic, the female lies on her back, and then the male holds her by one leg and pulls it into a position over her head. He then penetrates her from above from a kneeling position.

The Door Ajar, although you might not want to leave the actual door ajar when attempting this position. The female stands while resting one leg on an elevated surface. The male enters her from behind and then grabs the female’s leg from off the floor and brings it to his waist. The female can hold onto the male’s neck for additional support.

Face to face, time to get up close and personal. In this position the female creates the table, resting on her hands and feet, she raises her body up. The male then kneels in front of her resting his hands under her, on her back to support her. This position can be known as somewhat of a reverse doggy.

Driving the Nail Home, go for the gold boys! For all intensive purposes this position is just like the standard missionary position. However it can vary by where the female places her legs. She can fold them up towards her chest, or spread the around the male’s sides. This position is intended for deep and hard penetration.

Massage & Sucking on the Mast, sounds like a boating excursion doesn’t it? The male rests on his haunches, and then leans back on to his hands. The female then sits on his lap, and moves her hips to achieve thrusting. This position is very similar to a reverse, sitting cowgirl. Another way to preform this position is for the male to slightly raise his knees. As he lies down the female straddles facing away from him, and uses his raised knees as leverage to support her while she performs the thrusting motions.

Frontal Pincers, it doesn’t hurt like a pinch would, don’t worry. This position is basically the same as the one above, but in this case the female leans back and supports her weight on her hands also. Both partner can perform thrusting actions in this position. Another way to do this is to have the female lay back, and place her legs on the male’s shoulders. After initial penetration the female can grab the male’s arms to raise her into the position.

Riding the Horse, save a horse ride a cowboy, right? Once again the male assumes a table-like position, elevated on his hands and feet. The girl sits on his penis, and then rotates to the right. After getting that far the female places her left leg under the right leg of her partner. She can then brings up her other leg and rest her foot on his chest, while leaning back on her hands. Both partners can contribute to the thrusting in this position.

Open Pincers, spread `em girls. This is basically the frontal pincers position except that the male grabs a hold of the female’s ankles to be able to control how far they are spread. This position allows for very hard, deep penetration, as the male can use the females legs for leverage.

Blows of the Planting Pin, sounds like a lot of farming fun. The male sits with his legs outstretched, the female thenl straddles the male. The female leans back and grabs his ankles, and  can use the male’s ankles for leverage for her pelvic thrusting motions. All the male really needs to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

After seeing the positions broken down they don’t seem so scary right? So what are you waiting for go out there and try a few if not all of them!

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Sexitions Pt. II, Advanced Sex Positions

In continuance of our trilogy to sex positions comes part 2. This entry will cover advanced sex positions. Positions that require a bit more flexibility, as well as more stamina and endurance. But like they say, “Go big, or go home!”, the same concept lies here. The positions I’m going to cover are Froggy, Kneeling Pretzel, Upside Down Squat, Winged Eros, Piledriver/Reverse Piledriver, Criss-Cross, Ben Dover [bend over], Up against the wall, Brace It, Kneeling Doggy, Recliner, Standing Recliner & Rainbow Arch.

The Froggy, and though it brings a picture of leap frog to mind, that is not what it is. In this position the male is in a sitting position with his legs extended. The female then straddles him and leans backwards while placing her legs over his shoulders. To achieve the thrusting motion the female just has to rock back and forth.

Kneeling Pretzel, sounds twisted doesn’t it, but it’s really pretty simple after you try it a couple of times. The male kneels on one leg, almost as though preparing to propose. The female then sits on the raised knee and angles herself appropriately to receive penetration. For balance the female places her left foot on to the floor and wraps her other leg around the male. Thrusting can be accomplished by either party, but it’s recommended that both contribute.

Upside Down Squat, definitely one of those interesting looking positions. The male lays on his back with his legs in the air slightly bent and spread. After positioning the penis into a upward position the female sits on the back of his thighs, in this case the female achieves the thrusting with a sort of bouncing movement. For some males this can be difficult depending on the flexibility of their penis.

Winged Eros, sounds like a bird doesn’t it, well to be honest it somewhat looks like a bird as well. Starting off in the cowgirl position [male lies on back and female straddles] the male then leans forward to be able to lean on his hands. The female then leans back enough for her legs to be extended over his shoulders and then wraps both arms around his neck. It’s a bit of a challenge to achieve thrusting but is worth the effort in the end. Side note, females need to be flexible for this position or cramps will come sooner then orgasms.

Piledriver, a little painful but pain is pleasure in this case. The female lays down facing the male and raises her pelvic area. The male then grabs a hold of her hips and commences penetration. Thrusting is achieved by I bending and extending of the knees by the male, basically the original oompa loompa dance. Once again this position can be a bit difficult with males that do not have a flexible penis, also if done for extended periods of time the female can have the blood rush to her head, so be careful.

Reverse Piledriver, lucky you guys, you’ll be getting a nice view for this one. Of course this is basically a piledriver however the female is facing the opposite direction. Now instead of having the female attempt to stand on her head, have the male sit down on the edge of the bed or a chair, the female will then straddle him, and he can lean her forward into the appropriate position. Same process as a piledriver for thrusting, also the same difficulties and cautions are involved.

Criss-Cross, and no this is not a form of jump rope. The male lays on his side and then spreads his legs into somewhat of a verticle V-shape. The female then positions herself between his legs with her legs spread into a horizontal V-shape. Thrusting is accomplished by both parties moving in a back and forth rocking motion. If your legs are not full of strength this might be a bit difficult for you considering the position you need to hold them in. But it most definitely will be a good work out.

Ben Dover, also known as a standing doggy. Instead on being on her knees as in the doggy position, the female bends straight down with her legs straight, and uses her hands to brace herself. The male then enters from behind and can hold on to her waist for more control of thrusting.

Up Against the Wall, this position reminds me of public restroom sex. With the females back against the wall, the male approaches her from the front. Then by lifting her legs around his waist he can achieve penetration. The female can wrap her arms around his neck or hold on to his shoulders for support. This is the best quickie position that I am aware of. Especially is the female decided to go commando under a skirt.

Brace it, and just like the name states, brace yourself ladies! This is somewhat of a reverse up against the wall, or doggy up against the wall. The female faces the wall and uses her hands to brace herself, as the male enters from behind. The reason this is know as “brace it” is because with the wall in play harder thrusting is accomplished.

Kneeling Doggy, same idea as the regular doggy position with a few variations. Instead of the female being on her hands and knees, she kneels in an upright position while the male is in the same stance behind her. The reason this is considered a bit more advanced is because it takes more balance to stay connected in this upright kneeling position. However, the female can reach behind her and hold onto the males neck for some support.

Recliner, and no the type furniture is not involved here. In this position the male leans upright and the female faces away from him and squats into a sitting position, as if sitting on a recliner. The female can then place her hands on her thighs to create some stability as she bounces to achieve thrusting.

Standing Recliner, same theory as a recliner with additional difficulty. In this position instead of kneeling the male stands upright the female then balances on the bed or a chair and repeats the process of a regular recliner position. In a standing recliner the male can hold onto the females waist or hips to support her somewhat. Since both parties are higher off the ground this takes more strength for both.

Rainbow Arch, and believe me you will see the 7 colors of the rainbow, if done correctly.  The female lays on her side, and spreads her legs, in a somewhat of a vertical V-shape. The guy comes in from behind, somewhat like a  spooning position, however not right behind her, more like a right angle from her. He places his legs up parallel against her body, towards her face. The female can then can grab his ankles, while he grabs her by the hips, they can then uses each other’s legs to control thrusting.

For the advanced positions I recommend that you stretch first, there’s no bigger turn off then a cramp or pulled muscle in the heat of the moment. Also make sure you have optimal energy and stamina. It’s one thing to go to sleep after sex but it’s definitely a no-no during sex. All in all just have fun with it and hey if you don’t achieve the exact positions mentioned here, maybe you’ve created one more suitable for you. And if that’s the case please do share the discovery, there’s nothing more exciting as a new sexpedition to conquer.

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Sexitions Pt. I, Basic Sex Positions

Sex positions, I know you’ve been waiting for me to get to this topic. But since there are so many different types of positions I’ve decided to dedicate this whole week to sex positions instead of boring you with an extremely long blog. This entry, Sexitions Pt. I will cover what I believe to be basic sex positions for heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples. These positions include, but are not limited to, Missionary, 69, Doggy, Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl [Heterosexual]. Kneeling Oral, First Taste, Piledriver, Tribbing, Straddle/Sit on my face, Open/Closed Scissors, & Sitting [Homosexual-Female]. 70, Sitting Anal, Rusty Trombone, & Reverse Missionary [Homosexual-Male].


Missionary, the most basic, and common position. This position is the first thing people think of when they think of sex. In the missionary position the female is on the bottom, with the male on top using his hand, elbows, knees or thighs for support.  As I’m sure you can tell already, there are a few variations of the missionary position, but basically it means the female is on the bottom with the male on top in a horizontal position. For the female there is also a few ways she can mix up this position. She can lay there, which I do not recommend, no one wants to have sex with a corpse, or at least I hope not. She can keep her legs extended and spread as wide as possible, allowing for deeper penetration. She can also wrap her legs around the male to add a sort of intensity to the thrusts. This position is also feasible by homosexual couples both male and female, with just slight variation.

69, mutual oral sex. The position is named 69 because of the way the bodies contour to each other in this position. The easiest way to achieve this position is to have the male on the bottom and the female on top. This will allow the female to control how deep she takes the penis, and also saves her a pain in the neck, literally. Another way, which personally I feel is the better way to go about the 69 is for both parties to lay on their sides, while bending one leg. This gives both parties more control and the option of resting their heads on their partner’s thighs, so you can hold this position longer since your necks won’t tire as easily.

Doggy, named after the way most animals have sex. In this position, the female gets down on to her hands/elbows and knees while the males takes his stance behind her. Now whether engaging in vaginal or anal sex, this position allows for more controlled, harder thrusting. This position also makes clitoral stimulation while being penetrated very easy for the female. There are a few variations for this position as well, The female can lean against a wall or chair for a more upright doggy, spooning, where both partners are laying against each other, with the male of course entering from behind the female.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl, take ride ’em to a new meaning. This involves the male being on the bottom and the female straddling him on top. In the cowgirl position, the female is facing the male. With her legs in a bent position she can use them for stability or can lean forward or backward to use her arms, this however limits movement capabilities. In the reverse cowgirl the same concept is there just the female faces away from the male. In both positions there are a few things males can do, they can lie there and enjoy the view. They can thrust in opposition to their partner’s thrusts or they can grab a hold of their partner and help control their thrusts.

Homosexual – Female-

Kneeling Oral, same concept as a basic blow job position. In this position one female is standing while the other engages in oral sex while on her knees. Of course switching roles would be necessary in this position.

First Taste, somewhat of a female doggy position. While one female is on her hand/elbows and knees the other orally stimulates her from behind. This position allows the receiving female clitoral stimulation while the giving female can use finger, or toy for penetration.

Piledriver, this involves one female on her back with her pelvic area raised up to the other females mouth. The giving female would usually be holding the receiving female in this position while on her knees. This position is very similar to a heterosexual piledriver [details in sexitions pt. II] except the female uses her tongue for penetration.

Tribbing, both females are in a sitting position facing one another in a close enough proximity for each other’s vaginal areas to touch. Once in this position grinding is used to achieve stimulation.  Fingers can also contribute to pleasure in this scenario.

Straddle/Sit on my face, oral stimulation from one to the other. In the straddle position the giving partner is in a sitting position while the receiving is standing over her face. In the sit on my face position the giving partner is lying down while the receiving is knelt over her face. There are a few variations of this position such as leaning over a couch or which direction the receiver is facing but this is the basic formula.

Open/Closed Scissors, these are variants of the tribbing position named after obviously what scissors look like opened or closed. In the open scissors position the legs are spread and somewhat intertwined to allow clitoris to clitoris stimulation. In the closed scissors position the partners are in a closer proximity, since the legs are closed, allowing for more intimate touching.

Sitting, one partner sits in the lap of the other. This position is a little bit more difficult and requires a bit more flexibility from the partner on the bottom, however it is not impossible. The partner on the top can wrap their legs around the bottom partner to make it easier.

Homosexual – Male-

70, this is the male on male version of a 69. The reason it is name 70 is because of the additional appendage in the mix.

Sitting Anal, the giving partner sits while the receiving partner lies on his back. Once penetration is achieved thrusting is achieved my the receiving partner moving in a up and down motion.

Rusty Trombone, it’s not just a dirty rumor, it’s for real. In this position the receiver is standing while the giver is oral stimulation the anus and reaching around to the front to give a hand job.

Reverse Missionary, the missionary position for homosexual male couples. With the receiving partner lying on their stomach the giving partner lays on top to achieve penetration. Both partners can provide the thrusting in this position.

In almost all of the positions named above there are different variations, but this is the basic outline of each. Also it is possible to take one position and change it up a bit to make it compatible with a different type of relationship. For example the doggy position is achievable by all types of relationships. So whatever position or positions you would like to try just have fun with it, and be safe.

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Personal Sexperience Pt. II [P.S 2]

Time for another peek into my personal sexperience. This time I’ll cover topics found in , “Tech Sex a.k.a Cyber Sex, Phone Sex & …Text Sex?”,  “Sex Hors d’œuvres; Masturbation, Foreplay, & Oral Sex”, and “Simply Orgasmic; 4 types of orgasms”.

Tech Sex:

Cyber Sex, hm honestly not my forte. I don’t really feel comfortable exposing myself through the Internet, because if one person can see you so can other people. There’s really no such thing as a secure connection to me. However I will admit to sending promiscuous IMs and showing just enough to let people know that there is something to show. I guess people aren’t lying when they call me a tease. Another reason why Cyber Sex is not something I’m into is because reading words does not turn me on, neither does watching other people. I’m an in person kind of person so if there’s no physical contact, turning me on is relatively impossible.

Phone Sex, again something that’s not at the top of my “want to do” list. Though hearing someone’s arousal is way better than reading it, it still doesn’t get me to that point of “sexual hunger”. Not to mention I truly think if you’re going to masturbate I don’t think your hands should be tied up doing anything unrelated, such as holding a phone. Okay, I know, there are bluetooth devices, and headsets and speaker phone…but whatever I  just don’t want to. Can’t say it’s something I’ve never done because I have talked to people that find it appealing, so I do what I can to appease them…but on an individual note, it’s not for me.

Text Sex, I know I’m going to start sounding like a broken record, however this is also not my area of specialty. I must confess that through boredom I have sent the occasional explicit text while bored in class or at work, but this has never lead to self indulgence, if you know what I mean. At most, it was meant to lay a foundation of tease for when I saw the person later on.

Sex Hors d’oeuvres:

Masturbation, though admitting to have had masturbated. I don’t really have a desire to masturbate. Some of you are calling me liars, and that’s fine. But the reason I’m not really into masturbation is because sex is also kind of a mind game with me. And no matter how much I may try there is no way I can trick my own mind. I like to be dominated, and it would be pretty hard to dominant myself, ha. So, masturbation is a last resort type of deal, instead of a daily ritual like some of you.

Foreplay, love it. Let me say that again, love it! I think that females tend to enjoy foreplay a tad more than males because we like the intensity of emotion through foreplay. Don’t get me wrong there is emotion involved in sex, but in foreplay those emotions are more noticeable. Personally, I enjoy foreplay because it doesn’t need to be directly before sex. What!? That’s right, it can be a few minutes to even a few hours before you even actually have sex. Which for me, means I can tease you at that family party, and make you all the more excited for me to please you at home. Like I said, I’m a tease through and through.

Oral Sex, I laughed a little bit when I thought about oral sex. I guess I’m one of those people that would go around wearing those shirts that say, ” you are what you eat”. Though I thoroughly enjoying receiving, I enjoy giving ten times more. With my teasing nature comes the need to please as well. I guess the best way to describe how I feel about oral sex is relating it to a craving. You know how sometimes you just really want something sweet, well that’s the same thing with me. It’s just the taste I crave for is a bit more…unconventional.

Simply Orgasmic:

Clitoral Orgasm, mmm definitely a winner. I’ve found that girls tend to give better clitoral orgasms in comparison to guys. I guess that’s just because they know what it feels like, what to do and how it would feel. I honestly have to say the build up to a clitoral orgasm is my favorite part. The anticipation, it’s just sort of a je ne sais quoi. If you are a female and haven’t experienced a clitoral orgasm yet, please do.

G-Spot Orgasm, all I can do is sigh honestly. Though rarely achieved it is so worth the wait when it is. That quivering legs, can’t stand up and walk, toe’s curl, hands grip the sheets, feeling, is beyond indescribable. Not to mention a g-spot orgasm is the right path to multiple orgasms, oh please believe, this is the best feeling in the world. When you get to the point that you feel you just can’t take anymore, endure it just a bit longer. And when you do experience a g-spot orgasm, I know you’ll silently thank me in the back of your head, for telling you not to stop.

Penile Orgasm, I don’t have a penis so I can’t really say how this feels. However I can say if you keep in mind all my side tips for pleasing the penis in your life, your partner will be a very happy camper. Locate the “dimple” and linger there. And use a little common sense, if the sensation of sucking feels good, it’s obviously a pressure that’s creating pleasure. So if you aren’t tight enough already, which hopefully you are, clench a little bit. And even if you are tight, clench right when they’re on the brink of an orgasm, they’ll notice the difference, and you will be rewarded for this small act.

A-Spot Orgasm, sorry however I do not have a prostate gland either. Actually not so sorry, for not having one, but sorry for not being able to tell you what it feels like from a personal point of view. However for the few individuals that allowed stimulation of their “a-spot”, I have found that their orgasm is definitely intensified. The reason that there is such a minimal amount of guys that I have been able to experience this with is because a majority of heterosexual males do not feel comfortable with any type of penetration. And that’s fine, but keep in mind fellas, if you want us to be open-minded, it might be nice if you were too.

Hopefully I haven’t shocked too many people with my sexperiences, if I did, don’t worry the next P.S will take away the shock from this one. So, whether you’re living vicariously through my sexperiences, or getting a few tips for your own, just enjoy yourself out there. And remember to always be safe by taking the right precautions, and using the right protections.

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Simply Orgasmic; 4 types of orgasms

Off the bat you’re probably going what the hell there are 4 type of orgasms? Well calm down what if I said 2 types for males and 2 types for females. Easier to believe right? But to be completely honest there may possibly be even more then the 4 that I am familiar with, I know just recently I came across a book named 100 different types of orgasms. So for now let’s just start with the ones that I know for a fact exist, and know how to explain…

Female Orgasms:

Clitoral Orgasms, orgasms as a result of clitoral stimulation. For more than half of the females out there clitoral stimulation is the way to go.  Induced by licking, rubbing, or sucking on the clitoris, this is one of the easiest achievable orgasms for a female. If you’re working at it for a prolonged period of time and find no results move on to something else, the last thing you want to do is rub her dry, because it will become uncomfortably painful for her. Depending on the female you can enhance this orgasm by also pleasing her g-spot. So if she knows herself well enough, let her tell you when she’s “almost there”, and move on to discovering the g-spot. However if she doesn’t know herself all that well, signs to look for before an approaching orgasm include; staggered panting/breathing, increased aggressive passion, tightening of muscles and of course moans. [ Be cautious though, some females fake moans better then they would actually moan.]

Vaginal Orgasms, or more infamously known as the g-spot orgasm. This is the creme de la creme of female orgasms. Achieved by stimulation of the g-spot which is usually found about 2-3 inches deep and slightly to the left…although each female is different this is a good general area to start your search. If sensitive enough to the feeling you’ll be able to feel a difference in textures, rubbing against this area will cause an “explosion” of lust. This obviously includes penetration however the “penetrator” is not limited. Fingers, Toys, or a Penis whatever you feel will work the best. If combined with a clitoral orgasm I’m sure you’ll have your hunny never wanting to leave the bedroom.

Male Orgasms:

Penile Orgasms, the basic male orgasm. This orgasms comes from stimulation of the penis. Whether it be from hands, mouth, feet, or genitalia, this orgasm is the most common. Scientifically deemed as an ejaculation, this is when the male cums. Or as most of our generation refers to it…busting a nut. Keep in mind that the head of the penis is the most sensitive part of the penis, the male clitoris if you will. Side tip if stimulating the shaft as well as the testicles you will find an increased pleasure in the orgasm. For the over achievers out there,  look for the “dimple” as I like to call it where the head meets the rest of the shaft , it will look like somewhat of an indentation or crease, and linger there, I’ll leave the result as a surprise to you, though if using oral stimulation be sure to close your eyes, just in case.

Anal Orgasm, the “a-spot” orgasm, the equivalent to g-spot orgasms. This orgasm comes from prostate stimulation. The prostate is found a few inches into the anus, and if about the size of a walnut [well hopefully, if particularly larger, consider seeing a physician]. When dealing with the anus be sure to allow the muscles to relax before any forcing of penetration. This will allow more of a  sense of pleasure instead of a uncomfortable pain. Also be sure to use liberal amounts of lubrication, dry penetration is never fun…for males or females. Once you’ve located the prostate it’s about the same process as stimulating the g-spot, quick shallow rapid rubbing against the area  will cause the desired sensation. If using fingers it is a bit easier, once again just like with g-spot orgasms curve your fingers slightly and rub in quick, shallow movements.

Whatever orgasm it is you are trying to achieve, be sure that you are not the only one feeling simply orgasmic. An unsatisfied partner is the biggest anti-climax. Plus with mutual satisfaction comes a mutual hunger for more. So may your houses be stocked with liquids, your bed be stabilized, and your sex be filled with orgasms.

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For those of you that are a bit French illiterate, an hors d’oeuvre is an appetizer. And a sex hors d’oeuvre or appetizer is a little warm up before the marathon, a little ramp up before the performance, in other words. So the ways to get the juices flowing and the blood flowing include but are not limited to Masturbation, Foreplay, & Oral Sex.

Masturbation, sexually pleasing one’s self. For males this usually involves stroking the penis and possibly stimulation of the testicles or anus as well.  For females it may involve clitoral stimulation with vaginal and/or anal penetration. Now what I’ve come to notice is that most people just go for the gold so to speak, during masturbation, which is truly a waste. Whether you’re a male or female you should take time to please your entire body from caressing one’s skin to teasing of the nipples even a slight smack on the thighs if that’s what your into. Just because you’re pleasing yourself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fully pleased. If needs be bring toys into the mix. There are a huge, and let me repeat that huge variety of toys out there available for both males and females. From dildos to vibrators such as eggs and rabbits. And then there are the fleshlights and blow up dolls. So don’t feel limited to what you can do with yourself. Buy an array of toys and lubrications meant for different sensations and go to town. And don’t forget what I mentioned in “Tech Sex aka Cyber Sex, Phone Sex, & Text Sex” masturbation does not mean the exclusion of a partner. Also, on a side note masturbating in front of your partner might be a tantalizing way to tease them. Which leads into my next topic…

Foreplay, activity hopefully resulting in sex. Foreplay can range from a sensual back massage to an elongated kissing session to aggressive caressing. It really just depends on the individual’s taste of what they like. The basic idea here is to relax your partner while getting them excited, contradictory as it sounds this is what it is. Get your partner comfortable with being touched and have them want more. Tease them before you please them if you know what I mean. From personal experience I guess the best way is from head to toe funny as it sounds. Play with their hair, kiss their lips neck ect. Rub their shoulders and chest and lick places that you feel would be suitable. There are no real rules to foreplay which means of course there are no real limitations. Get creative grab some chocolate and whipped cream or some ice and massage oils. T.I said it best when he said you can have whatever you like. But be sure to take your time with foreplay there’s truly no reason to rush and keep in mind the more teasing involved the more excitement is built. And I can guarantee if you if you tease your partner to a certain extent you truly can have whatever you like ;]. Making your partner feel sexy always results in good sex.

Oral sex, oral stimulation of genitalia. A bit of a scientific definition, and I apologize for that but it’s the best way to explain it. For a male, do not focus just on their penis, become adventurous. Explore their whole genital region from the tip of the head to the circumference of their anus you’ll be sure to blow their minds [no pun intended]. Also keep in mind that constant sucking is not necessary licking is also stimulating and pleasuring. Plus it adds to the tease factor when you know they’re just dying for you to put it in your mouth. Guys do not be lazy while you are being orally pleased show your partners some gratitude play with their hair or even reach over and stimulate them, gratification will surely end in a better experience. For a female, there also doesn’t need to be a centralized focus point of stimulation. Tease from their inner thighs to the vaginal lips and if your partner is comfortable she might also enjoy anal stimulation. Be sure to linger at each point though and show her your enjoyment in the process. Most females tend to be insecure about receiving oral sex because it leaves them in a vulnerable state, so with those insecurities in mind, you really do not need to give her any other reason to feel self-conscious. Also please be sure to not make it sloppy, we as females do not like wet kisses on either set of lips. It leaves a feeling of disgust so please work on that. Side note for those of you that are over achievers, vaginal penetration with your tongue can be fun for both partners, just a thought to toy with if you haven’t already. There are also ways to be creative with oral sex from edible panties to bondage and role play just keep it fun and I promise it’ll be a good time.

Don’t forget that sex hors d’oeuvres  should not be lacking in comparison to the actual sex. Appetizers always set the mood for the main event. So keep your head up, or down in some cases. And go out there and have your cake and eat it too.

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With the age of technology has come a few things that I’m sure even Bill Gates didn’t expect the Internet to be used for. Something I specifially like to refer to as “Tech Sex”. Tech Sex broken down is Cyber Sex, Phone Sex, and now even Text Sex. Common factor here, shared fantasy & self satisfaction.

Cyber Sex, sex over the Internet. Now, obviously physical sex is not available through a computer screen, or at least I would hope not. But some turn to what they consider the next best thing. Through exchange of sexually explicit pictures or even live web cam shows, people engage in cyber sex all over the world. Some feel it is a way to hide insecurities about sex while still reaching a form of sexual satisfaction. Through the imagination, cyber sex partners create worlds of fantasy and passion for each other and reach satisfaction through pleasuring themselves. The possiblities are truly limitless in such a situation, all you need is an imagination and hopefully not a dial-up connection. Ha

Phone Sex, sex over the phone. Phone Sex is something I’ve found a lot of long distance relationships to rely on. Stimulating your partners mind over the phone  can be a powerful thing. Through the coerce of seduction in one’s voice to the frivolity of one’s imagination, phone sex is truly close to the next best thing. Pictures can often be exchanged in this scenario also, which brings me to the next topic…

Text Sex, sex through a text message. Wow, what has the world come to right? Ha now for sure I think I’ll be a bit more cautions of borrowing someone’s phone. But hey to each their own right? Text Sex is basically sending stimulating messages to a partner, usually meant for more of a tease. Need a distraction from the first class of the morning, or maybe a wake me up…consideration of text sex might be for you.

Now I know most are saying to themselves, nasty…nasty…nasty. But stop and consider all the situations that something like this might take place. A soldier stationed far from his sweetheart? A husband away on a business trip missing his wife? A young college couple? There’s really something to take into consideration if Tech Sex is what’s keeping these types of couples together. Of course there are those of you who are uncomfortable with masturbation or outward sexual expression. But may I ask, if you are not comfortable with yourself, how will you ever find someone that is comfortable with you? So keep an open mind, and hey the next time your loved one has to take an extended trip suggest for them to pack the laptop & webcam or make sure they don’t forget their cell phone chargers.

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