Posted by: Thuy | April 20, 2010

Sexitions Pt. IV, Tantric Sex Positions

I know it’s been 3 posts, and this post should be a Personal Sexperience entry, but I didn’t feel like I was done with the sexitions topic. So this entry will be about tantric sex. The practice heightening sexual sensations through focused energies. Tantric sex is derived from the Asian body of belief, Tantra. Welcoming in the universal energy. Positions include but are not limited to, Foot Moving Posture, Ground Pressing Posture, Mounted Yantra Technique, One-leg-up Posture, Pleasure Evoking Posture, Swing Rocking Posture, Tantric Tortoise Posture, Variegated Sex Posture, Cranes-with-joined-necks Position, Fluttering-Phoenix Position, Monkey’s Attack Position, Mounting Tortoise Position, Overlapping-fish-scales Position, Rabbit-sucking-hair Position, Splitting-the-cicada Position, Tiger’s Tread Position, & Turning-dragon Position.

Foot moving posture – In this position the female leans back and the male places the soles of the female’s feet on his torso, near his naval or somewhere in the central region of his body. He then can move her feet up and down against him, which will cause them to rock backward and forward. During this keep his arms intertwined with his.

Ground pressing posture – In this position the male places the female’s ass on the floor and holds on to  her waist. The female then pulls the male over the top of her body, and holds on to  the back of his head with both hands. The male should thrust into her forcefully.

Mounted yantra technique – In this sex technique, the female lays on her back while the should places her legs on his shoulders. Teasing should be involved by creating a lapse of time between penetrations and allowing the penis to fully come out of the vagina before re-penetrating. This will cause a heightened sense of pleasure.

One-leg-up posture – In this position, the male places the female’s right leg on his left shoulder and keeps it there. The female then brings her left leg down to the male’s upper thigh. As the female grinds and thrusts into the male, this position causes such a sense of ecstasy that all physical and physiological issues disappear.

Pleasure evoking posture – In this sex position, the female squats down on to the male’s lap and grabs on to his shoulders or behind his neck for support. The male then places his arms around her waist, and pulls her closer to him to penetrate her.

Swing rocking posture – In this position, the female squats down on to the male’s lap and grabs on to his shoulders or behind his neck. The male then places his arms around her waist, and pulls her closer to him to penetrate her. So far there are no difference from the pleasure evoking posture but, then both partners lean back and use their weight to create a rocking motion, rocking back and forth like a swing.

Tantric tortoise posture – In this position, starting from one leg up position, the female should have her feet placed together in the middle of his chest. The male then presses the female’s knees, into her with his arms all while control his breathing.

Variegated sex posture – In this position, the female faces away from the male and raises her legs to be penetrated from behind. The male places his chest next to her back. During intercourse the female should rub her body against the male’s from the tip of her fingers to the tips of her toes, this heightens the sensuality of intimacy.

Cranes-with-joined-necks – In this position, the male is sitting. The female then sits on his lap facing him and spreads her legs apart. She then holds on to his neck with her arms while he penetrates her. The male can help control thrusting placing his hands under her ass and somewhat lifting her. The male should try to control his ejaculation while the female works towards climaxing. Once the female reaches her climax ride it out, letting the orgasm fully release. When the female is completely satisfied, she and the male should rest together, with minimal movement.

Fluttering-Phoenix Position – In this position,  the female lies on her back and raises her legs. The male then kneels between her thighs supporting himself by resting his hands on the bed. He inserts his penis deeply penetrating into her innermost and moving vigorously. Moving his body in sync with hers, he should thrust three shallow penetrations with eight deep ones, pressing himself firmly against her the entire time.

Monkey’s Attack Position – In this position, the female lies on her back and raises up her buttocks and lower back. The male draws up her legs until her knees touch breasts. After penetration, he should move rhythmically until her breathing becomes deep and rhythmic. The male should forcefully place the woman in this posture as if angry with her.

Mounting Tortoise Position – In this position, the female lies on her back and raises her knees with help from the male who raises them up to her breasts. The male should then penetrate, alternating deep thrusts with shallow ones, he should aim for her g-spot which will be upwards and slightly to the right. This position encourages the female to thrust in sync with the male, who should be penetrating deeply.

Overlapping-fish-scales Position – In this position, the male lies on his back and the female sits on top of him with her legs stretched out in front of her. The man gently penetrates her and then stops. He should continue to slightly aid with thrusting however most should be done by the female.

Rabbit-sucking-hair Position In this position, the male lies on his back with both legs stretched out. The female then straddles him, with her knees outside the male’s legs, & have her back turned away from him, facing his feet. She achieve penetration & commence vigorous thrusting.

Splitting-the-cicada Position – In this position, the female lies flat on her stomach with her body stretched out. The male lays on top of her, spreading the butt cheeks to achieve penetration. After achieving penetration he should thrust six shallow strokes with nine deep ones.

Tiger’s Tread Position – In this position, the female gets down on her hands and knees with her butt raised and her head down. The male kneels behind her and holding her waist for support. Deep penetration is vital to this position once achieved, the male should then thrust five shallow strokes with eight deep ones.

Turning-dragon Position – In this position, the female lies on her back with the male laying on top of her, he should rest his keens on the bed. The female should raise up her pelvis to allow for penetration. The male should then begin thrusts alternating from 2 deep penetrations to 8 shallow ones. All the while caressing the female’s upper body.

There is honestly nothing to fear with tantric positions, especially if you are open to new things. But the most important fact to remember with tantra is that it is a connection…a unity of the 2 individuals. This is not something that can really be achieved with a fling. With that in mind, feel liberated enough to bring this up with a significant other, there’s no shame in wanting to try something new. And yes a lot of tantric positions sound similar to “normal” positions such as missionary or doggy. But the key difference is the connection…without the connection tantra is lost. So now that you’ve seen all I have to say about the many, many positions out there, I honestly don’t know what you’re still doing sitting there reading this…get to it, go out there & try it out. As always take the necessary protections & precautions into account, & have fun.

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